These are not your average kitchen brushes.

From the specially designed saucepan brush, made to decimate stubborn baked on grease and grime to the softer brushes designed for cleaning the most delicate fruits – these are kitchen essentials.

Prepare your food using brushes that clean your fruits and vegetables in a healthy way. Instead of peeling, submerge your vegetables in water and scrub with the appropriate brush to remove bacteria, pesticides, and any traces of residual soil.

For washing the dishes there is the eco friendly dish brush. The hard fragranced dish soap is economical and will leave a lovely perfume in the kitchen at all times.

Copper scourers and sponges will remove the toughest cooked on food without scratching your cookware.

Special use brushes for cleaning champagne flutes, carafes, bottles, decanters and spouts.

From the preparation of dinner to the cleaning up when all is eaten, Andrée Jardin have the right brush to get the job done.