Hand Brush and Dust Pan Gift Set by Mr and Mrs Clynk (Grey)

Item #: J3221

$ 150.00

A hand brush of lacquered beechwood and black horsehair combined with synthetic fibres, with a GREY pressed steel dustpan with matching beechwood handle. Together they are beautifully presented in a gift box

This neat hand brush will reach into all nooks and corners and effectively sweep debris onto the flat metal dustpan which has a deep back so you won’t spill anything on your way to the bin or garden.

Mr & Mrs Clynk, an architect and a textile designer, work together to create beautiful and stylish home accessories. Combining the tradition and know how of Andree Jardin with their modern and stylish ethestic they have created a chic and elegant range of practical household accessories.

Available in carefully chosen colours that add to their functional simplicity and classic beauty.

Made in France


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