Andree Jardin Product Care

Simplicity, Quality, Sustainability. This is the DNA of Andree Jardin.

By buying Andrée Jardin products, you give a real meaning to your purchases and say no to today’s trends of waste, gadget products and broken promises. Andree Jardin create long lasting beautiful items that helps in the fight against the ‘throw away’ trend of today

The wood is sourced in France and comes from sustainably managed forests. We use three  different types of wood in the creation of our brushes.

Andree Jardin brushes are made of natural materials using wood and fibres. All are 100% natural and as a company we aim for zero plastic.


Beech wood – light-beige/yellow colour 

Ash wood – fudge-brown colour. Which has been thermo-treated with steam for better moisture resistance 

Oak wood – light-brown colour 

The appearance of wood will change over time with use and by contact with water. Wood as a natural product may crack or stain.


The fibers we use are of animal or vegetal origin and are sustainably sourced without harm to animals . Vegetal fibres are specially grown and harvested for the making our brushes.

Animal fibers used include: Hog Bristle, Wild boar bristle Horsehair,
Goat hair, and Ostrich Feathers 

Vegetal fibres used include: Tampico (Agave plant), Bassine (Palmyra tree), and Piassava (Palmyra tree) 


It is important to look after natural wood and fibers to keep your accessories fresh and prolong their life. They all need specific care 


1. Store upside down so you do not damage the bristles

2. From time to time: immerse the bristles in soapy water 

3. Rinse with warm water and hake the excess water off 

5. Let the broom dry at room temperature 

6. And finally comb the bristles 


1. Always rinse with clean water after each use and shake vigorously to remove excess water 

2. A gentle wash with alcohol-based disinfectant or soapy water is a good option every few weeks to remove any residual bacteria (after washing, always rinse well and remove as much excess water as possible) 

4. If possible, hang your brushes from their loop or leave them with the bristles facing downwards and let them dry completely at room temperature 

5. Do not leave the brushes soaking in water.

6. We recommend nourishing the wood from time to time with a cooking oil of your choice. It will make it more resistant to humidity 

3. Do not wash in dishwasher


1. Shake well after use 

2. When they become dirty, wipe
the feathers, the goat hair (or other bristles) with a damp cloth. Be sure to wipe from the handle to the tip. Let them dry at room temperature with the head facing downwards 

3. To keep them looking nice, hang them head down 

4. And finally comb the bristles (except the ostrich feathers)